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Simplest Sabar mantra very important inthe time of real need

Simplest Sabar mantra very important inthe time of real need

in mine previous post. The photograph was.. oops ..even I shocked to see that.. ha ha . is there any one, who still like my way of writing, please raise your hand, I start counting, ….only 1 person(me only)….... now ,I am sharing some very simple but very effective Sabar mantra with you all. One more thing in the end I will ask you ,any one mantra to repeat. It’s a test.. be ready for that …..

I just little elaborate the cause behind that. As one complete day ,we spend in visiting Ghoram ghati, in search of divines herbs, kand available there, and you already knew that what happened while returning . I was very worried, for the safety of not only me but all of mine fellow member, praying sadgurudevji for that continuously, fearing that some scorpion, or snake if could come our way what would happened,

as the darken darks. Feeling a little bit restless , only a two mobile’s touch was on our help for 20 people. I tried to memories some of the mantra, what I have read from Sadgurudev ji magazine and from other great ones, and also from other sources, (I really highly thankful to all of them , and producing the mantra mentioned by them, here, gathered from various sources ) either I was able to recall the mantra , or only the process, mine helplessness was very high.

I never ever thought that one day such a things can happened, one should not take any mantra or sadhana very easy, or just time pass, everything is has a value, in the time of need.

sabar mantra a great section of divinity created just for common person to achieve his goal, either material or spiritual, highly practiced by not even from village people, but to great savants of this divine field, its common faith that they are created by guru gorakhnath ji and later numerous mantra added by people belonging to every cast and religion, whichever belongs to him or other s,not easily to decide but all are very effective . You can get result within a second.

Not only to the problem related to common people like minor health problem to the problem can not discussed openly, all, are covered in that. Even mahavidya sadhana, yakshni sadhana, apsara sadhana and every imaginable field are covered in that, even “Agni shathai parad process” too covered in that ,all the parad sanskar can be done by this great branch of mantra.

Yes yes , shamshan awaking,……. to…. kapaal sadhana .. you can count… infinite mantra… but why ,I am writing this, you all are, already known this common facts,

For any poisonous insects biting :

” Om chande phuh.” ॐ चन्डे फु:

Repeat 21 times this mantra while rubbing your finger on the spot, surely within a few second you get relief.

On scorpion sting :

“Dhay bisa der” “धाय बिसा देर " is the mantra repeat only (with little loud) in front of the person , and asked him to touch earth with impact with either hand of feet, on doing the three times. He will get relief.

If snake comes :

start chanting “muniraaj aastik namh” or “मुनिराज आस्तिक नमः " on just a few times repeating of mantra, snake will go out of your sight.

Complete safety while thunder storm / strong wind blows. :

“Hukm shekh pharid kamariya ,nishi adhariya,

Aag pani pathriya teeno se to hi bacheya.”

हुक्म शेख फरीद कमरिया ,निशि अंधरिया ,

आग पानी पथरिया तीनो से तो ही बचेइया

Just repeat three time and make a clap sound from hand।

In any type of difficulty:

“Om pa me ae me hum” " ॐ पा में ऐ में हुम"

any time when you are in midst of any difficulty just repeat/chant 101 times , this great mantra.

To get relief from For headache :

“ Om jah hah sah “ “ ॐ जः हः सः"

Drink water already abhimantrit with 21 times of repeating this mantra.

To digest the food:

Agastya kumbhkarn cha shani cha badvanalam,

Aahaar pachanarthay ,smeret bheem cha panchakam.”

अगस्त्य कुम्भकर्ण च शनि च बदवानालम ,

आहार पचानार्थय ,स्मरेत भीम च पंचकम.”

Repeat the mantra 7 times while moving your hand on your stomach.

To get success while in journey:

“om peer bajarangi, ram lakshman ke sangi,

Jahan jahan jayen ,phtah ke danka bajaye,

Duhai mata anjni ki aan.

ॐ पीर बजरंगी , राम लक्ष्मण के संगी ,

जहाँ जहाँ जाएँ ,फतह के डंका बजाये ,

दुहाई माता अंजनी की आन

While doing work or on journey time repeat it as much you can , you will be blessed with success.

To get success in work:

Shur shiromani sahsi,sumati sameer kumar,

Agam sugam sab kaam karoon,kartal Siddhi bichar

शूर शिरोमनी साहसी ,सुमति समीर कुमार ,

अगम सुगम सब काम करूं ,करतल सिद्धि बिचार

Chant the mantra, some times . in the beginning of work.

I think for now, it is enough, when I asked Aarif ji, is there any special process, protecting from snake and other poisonous insects, why not Sadgurudev has not given us,” shiva shasthrakkshri kavach”, thrice appeared in mantra tantra vigyan old issue, is a boon for protecting not only us, but from the people around us, while returning I was praying to Sadgurudev ji, he was busy chanting this greatest kavach.

Point to be consider:-

One of most important things of Sabar mantra is that , they totally depend upon your faith in your guru and off course in you too. Not all the process are so simple as I mentioned here, but require a high degree of carefulness, are you not remembering Sadgurudevji’s word mentioned in introcution in tantric siddhiyan. Some time while doing some greatest highly effective sadhana , person has to set aside his own daily routine sadhana like ma bhagvati gaytri mantra jap. Kindly go through that. But the mantra I collected and mentioned here not having such a pre condition.

If your faith in Sadgurudev ji ,and in you too, definitely they will works.

Second important things I like to share with you is that, without the pure sadhana articles/materials, acheving success in this type of sadhana, is almost impossible. But suppose you are not having any needed material, on the time of need, then what you will do?…have you not remember poojya sadgurudevji, already mentioned many times the power and utility of “Sabar yantra”, which can be easily get from poojya paad gurud trimurti ji at jodhpur. Is like a boon for us.doing sabar mantra jap in front of it, removes all the absence and negativity.

Some important ritual like bhairav sthapan etc.. are essential for higher level sadhana, and still can be got from Sadgurudev.

And also, though getting result in this type of sadhana is very easy, but on the path of some higher Sabar sadhana, if one should seek prior blessing of sadgurudevji, and get Sabar Diksha from him, what a great luck for him.

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